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We support community events by loaning out The Little Red Barn, a virtual billboard on wheels which frequents many public festivals, to community groups and organizations for dispensing dairy products; it meets all requirements of the PA Department of Health for public food service. Call us at 814-254-4814 to reserve the Little Red Barn for your special event.


Allied partners with the Roof Garden Tractor Buddies of Somerset County by offering financial support in exchange for dairy promotion activities.
They square dance with tractors! Cool, huh?

Allied Milk Sponsors Rob Marhefka, Dirt Late Model Racing!

Rob races on dirt tracks all over Pennsylvania for the 2019 Season. Check out the latest news. http://robmarhefka.com/

The Pennsylvania Dairy Princess Program

To encourage the development and use of a wider variety of dairy promotions, Allied Milk Producers sponsors a Special Incentive Award, open to all Pennsylvania County Princesses and Alternates. Allied will reward any county Princess/Alternate for carrying out one or more of the promotions outlined on the “Ideas for Special Promotions” sheet. The promotion must be identifiable from the idea sheets, but must be expanded or elaborated upon. Other original activities are encouraged but must be approved in advance by Allied Milk Producers.

Allied has a limited supply of hand-out items for Princess promotions. Please contact our office for available items or to have one of our Princess at your event contact padairy.org 

Each year, through the state’s dairy princess program, approximately 35,000 leaflets of 20 dairy recipes are distributed throughout the state. These leaflets have been developed and printed by us for each county princess to use as a handout at her promotional functions.


Allied Milk has provided funds for the Lancaster County Dairy Promotion and Dairy Princess Program to acquire a new Milk Wagon which will provide dairy products and information at various public functions.


We distribute over 64,000 two-pocket folders have been distributed to elementary schools in over 10 counties in PA this year.  Teachers and school administrators interested in hosting a dairy education program may contact us for further information.

Schools that celebrate special dates like “Earth Day” or “Fitness Week” may request dairy related programs and/or milkshakes or cheese samples. We also help farm families who host school field trips with hand-outs and/or dairy refreshments.

Allied Milk Producers has partnered with Altoona’s Forever Broadcasting and WTAJ-TV to recognize a teacher of the month during the school year. Educators are nominated by students within the broadcast area, and we provide an ice cream party for the students of the winning teacher’s classroom.


Congratulations to Mr. John Wessner, Our Teacher of the Month for January 2020! This 4th Grade Teacher at Foot of Ten Elementary School, Duncansville along with Eva Strang; Education Coordinator with The Allied Milk Producers, Pennsylvania Alternate Dairy Princess; Vannika Rice and two of Mr. Wessner’s 4th Grade Students.

Forever Broadcasting Radio Station WALY DJ Bill Kurtis and Eva Strang, Education Specialist at Allied Milk Producer. Presented to , Mr. Wessner (Teacher), 4th Grade students with a plaque and a gift bag from Allied Milk Producers, and the kids were given an ice cream party and milk to celebrate!

Mrs. Barb Thompson was the recipient of the Teacher of the Month Award for December presented by Allied Milk Producers and WTAJ. She teaches science, reading, and social studies at Greater Johnstown Middle School.  It was a fun morning celebrating this amazing teacher. Also, the Allied Milk Producers, brought along Allie-Moo, to teach the students about dairy farming. The Cambria County Dairy Princess came to celebrate too!

Mrs. Thompson has been working at the Greater Johnstown Middles school since 1994. Her students love her personality and how she can joke with them in class. They like how she does not teach in a traditional way. This style of teaching makes learning fun, and it also helps them understand the information. Mrs. Thompson loves teaching because she enjoys making meaningful connections with her students, and watching them learn and grow. You could tell the whole school respects her and thought she deserved this special award!

Congratulations Mrs. Thompson!

Ms. Lisa Pablic was the recipient of the Teacher of the Month Award for January presented by Allied Milk Producers and WTAJ. She is a Kindergarten teacher at Cambria Elementary School. It was a fun morning celebrating this fantastic teacher. Also, the Allied Milk Producers, brought along Allie-Moo, to teach the students about dairy farming.  They also made cow puppets with Ms. Pablic’s class.

Ms. Pablic has been teaching at Cambria Elementary school for the past twenty years. She is enthusiastic and exudes positivity.

All of her colleagues and her students agree, that Ms. Pablic deserves this award. Ms. Pablic quickly let us know it is a team effort and she couldn’t do it without the support of the rest of the staff.

Congratulations Ms. Pablic!

Ag in the Classroom Helping Educators

Part of our work is to provide school teachers, home economics instructors, and public health nutritionists with reliable information and avenues to learn about the benefits of dairy.

Our Educator’s Ag Institute is held annually in State College every July. It includes hands-on classroom sessions and tours. Our instructors are classroom teachers, industry professionals, and university professors. Click Here for Information.

We are looking for teachers, pre-service teachers and community educators that work with youth Pre K-12th grade that are interested in learning more about agriculture and incorporating it into your teaching.

Ten scholarships, worth $700 each, are offered to any PA teacher wishing to take a Penn State short course in July, for credit, called “AG INSTITUTE”, which teaches children from where their food and fiber come.


Allied helps sponsor Safe Halloween for young children in various counties with request diary product promotion committee by distributing as many as 1400 cheese sticks to the trick-or-treaters, a big hit for young and old alike.

EO Media Solutions, LLC. Is a partner with Allied Milk Producers.

A partnership with Del Grosso’s Amusement Park in Tipton includes many dairy promotional announcements which air over the PA system at the park during the operating season. In addition, a milk vending machine offers visitors a healthy option, with chocolate milk being the reported favorite.


Radio commercials and promotions can be found on:

Forever Broadcasting, Johnstown & Altoona
WFRB, 105.3 FM, Cumberland, MD
WIOV, 105.1 FM, Camp Hill
Results Radio, Johnstown
Renda Broadcasting, Indiana
WQZS, 93.3 FM, Meyersdale
First Media Radio, Dubois
WDAC, 94.5 FM, York
WLAN, 97 FM, Lancaster
WQPO, 101 FM, Harrisonburg, VA
WRTA, 1240 AM, Altoona, PA
WBRX, 94.7 FM, Altoona

Renda Broadcasting – Indiana & Westmoreland County



With emphasis on chocolate milk, we have both 15 and 30 second ads can be seen on WJAC-TV (Johnstown), WTAJ-TV (Altoona), and WGAL-TV, Harrisburg, WTAE-TV (Pittsburgh).


Print Media:


Each year, a new edition of a recipe leaflet entitled ‘Distinctive Dairy Dishes’ is printed for distribution across the state by county dairy princesses and dairy promotion committees. Allied Milk Coop. also sponsors the annual ‘Royal Recipes’ booklet presented by the PA county dairy princesses and PDPPS.

Occasional dairy messages are approved for printing in local newspapers. Special glossy editions of magazines have printed our advertising messages and have had our sponsorship for articles about dairy farming.

Thousands of placemats, featuring dairy puzzles and recipe suggestions, have been printed for restaurants and special events when requested. Print media also includes the large number two pocket school folders designed and printed each year for distribution to public and parochial elementary school students.

 Allied is a sponsor for ‘Newspapers in Education’, a student education project of the Indiana Gazette and Somerset Daily American.


Dairy promotion billboards are displayed throughout the state year round, often featuring with emphasis of “Whole Milk & Whole Nutrition”.

Allied Milk just got a Milking Cow

To take to events across Pennsylvania and Maryland…Oh wow, dairy farmers have a milking cow? Who’d a known? Well, this isn’t your average milking cow, it’s like a robotic cow, that mooos, and that you can milk. We have two cows that cover the state. If you want us to bring our cows to your school or event please call our office. You can learn to milk a real cow with this. Amazing!

On Saturday, August 5th, Allied Milk participated in WITF’s annual event called Ready Set Go Kindergarten (RSGK) at the Public Media Center in Harrisburg PA


With an average number of participants of 900+, RSGK brings families, educators and community partners together to celebrate this important milestone. It strengthens the idea that community support is essential in healthy child development. RSGK provides an opportunity to get important information in the hands of parents and connect them with resources that will help their child succeed in school. It offers an educational and engaging environment designed to prepare parents and children for this life-changing transition. Favorite PBS characters are used as educational magnets to enhance the event to make learning fun and engaging. There are lots of hugs and high-fives!
Many activity stations integrate STEM, literacy, nature, health and social development themed content into interactive age appropriate activities and educational experiences that extends learning well beyond the event.

Allied Milk provided engaging activities such as counting ice cream scoops on top of a cone, creating an coloring a cow puppet and the Dairy Princesses took the stage to read their favorite book to attending families. Milk products like string cheese was also given out.

All ages will enjoy variety of events planned for Ag Progress Days

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Penn State’s Ag Progress Days, Aug. 15-17, will offer fun and educational activities for adults, children and families, while providing agricultural producers with valuable knowledge to improve their farm businesses

Pictures from WPSU’s Eventapalooza Sunday event. Centre County’s Dairy Princess, Gretchen Little, providing fun activities. Also, the Holland Parade handed out 6,000 bottles of Chocolate milk
2 miles long, 16 people helping and Ruby Bollinger and Dairy Princess joined us last minute.
Milk promotion at its finest…
Fayette County Dairy Princess, Elania Mayle introduced Allied Milk’s mechanical cow to the students of Conn-Area Catholic.  Eva Strang, Education Coordinator of Allied Milk Producers conducted a fun filled day of activities that brought the Pre-K through 6th grade students together “face to face” with a dairy cow.  The students learned where milk comes from, what products are made from milk, what a cow eats, how much water a cow drinks and how to take care of a cow.  Hands on activities for students and teachers included taking turns milking a life size mechanical cow and making butter.  “Gallons” of fun and a “whole” lot of learning took place until the cow went home.


Photo: (left to right) Eva Strang – Allied Milk Producers, Jessica Wolfe – Fayette County Dairy Ambassador, Elania Mayle – Fayette County Dairy Princess, Riley Knizner – 3rd Grade, Logan Holder – 3rd Grade, Landinn Porterfield – 3rd Grade, Brian Thomas – Allied Milk Producers and Ed Thomas Allied Milk Producers
The Forever Broadcasting’s Eggstravaganza in Altoon.