Welcome to Allie Moo Fan Club!

Allie Moo has been a part of Allied Milk Producers for some time. Allie likes to teach the kids all about milk. Allie loves to meet people at the local events and at schools.  There are many things you can learn about milk and how it’s produced.

Here’s some great websites to learn more about diary cows.  These websites have games and activities about dairy cows.





Our visit at St. Mary Elementary in Elk County. We had a “Moovalous” time.

Allie Moo Art Gallery


Allie Moo is not your average milking cow. She is a life sized robotic or mechanical cow that can moo, talk, and, yes, even be milked. Allie Moo spends her time on a farm in western Pennsylvania but she has a sister, named Betsy, located in the Lancaster area of eastern PA. Both Allie Moo and her sister are thrilled to attend events and visit schools, providing children and adults the educational experience of what dairy farming is all about. Contact our office by phone to schedule.

See Allie Moo having fun with the crowd at the county fair. Kids love her too!  If you want Allie Moo at your event call our office 814-254-4814