FORT PAYNE, Ala. — The non-profit Soil Health Academy today announced that it will conduct a pair of one-day workshops to help dairy producers transition from conventional cropping and confined diary operations to more profitable and productive regenerative operations.

The first on-farm workshop is scheduled Oct. 26 at the host farm of Jim Harbach in Loganton, Pennsylvania. On Oct. 29 in Waterloo, New York, a second on-farm workshop will be conducted at the host farm of Jonas Stoltzfus.

Both workshops will feature practical insight and instruction by regenerative dairy experts Allen Williams, Ph.D., and Kent Solberg, both of whom are widely considered to be among the most preeminent pioneers, innovators and advocates in today’s soil health and regenerative agricultural movement.

Regenerative dairy experts Kent Solberg (left) and Allen Williams, Ph.D., (right) will be the Soil Health Academy’s instructors for both on-day workshops. (SHA photo by Vladimir Chaloupka)

“During these specialized workshops we will tackle the biggest issues facing dairy producers including herd health and reproduction, crop and cover crop success, waste management and fertility, economics and building true net wealth,” Williams said.

According to Williams, the curriculum is designed to broaden dairy producers’ perspectives and to provide attendees with practical tools to increase management options, reduce vulnerability and strengthen natural resource and economic resilience for those producers.

“Milk production is a fast-paced, highly demanding profession,” he said. “When provided with the practical knowledge and understanding to do so, dairy producers have the skills to transform their operations into highly efficient and profitable businesses. Through a combination of classroom and field exercises, we will provide producers with the know-how to build soil, animal and economic health.”

Williams said that unlike other SHA schools that typically span three days, these one-day workshops will allow attendees to limit their time away from their operations while still providing attendees with SHA’s world-class learning experience.

“These are power-packed workshops that will be backed up by future sessions to teach farmers what can be done, what it might cost, how long it may take and what it could look like along the way,” he said.

To learn more about these workshops and other SHA schools, or to become a business sponsor for either workshop, visit .